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South Baptiste Cabins, RV, Camping & Storage is located on the shores of Baptiste Lake in the Athabasca River Basin in central Alberta, northwest of Edmonton. The lake is two same size distinct areas of water joined by a long narrows. The northern basin is shallow, only about 15 plus metres. Our business offers a variety of accommodation options including cozy cabins, spacious RV sites, and picturesque camping spots. We also provide secure storage options for your recreational vehicles and equipment. We take pride in offering our guests a peaceful and relaxing stay in the heart of nature.


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If you were a tenant for the previous season, has any of the above information changed since last year?
Which of the following do you presently have or plan to have on Baptistelakecampingandstorage lands during 2023?

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South Baptiste Cabins, RV, Camping & Storage is an adult recreational park for vacationers. The following rules and regulations have been designed for your protection and for maintaining a pleasant and quiet atmosphere while providing our residents and guests with a resort associated with quality living. The use of these facilities is at your own risk. Your cooperation is requested in helping us maintain a clean attractive and safe vacation home for you & our other residents & guests.

  • Please respect speed limits along Baptiste Drive. 40 Km/Hour within the Summer Village.

  • The tenant is personally responsible for the actions and conduct of all guests & pets.

  • All rules and regulations will be strictly enforced. Violators of any rules and regulations may be subject to eviction.

  • A deposit of $1,000 shall be made before March 31 of each year. Rent & all other charges (including utilities) are payable on or before the given due date. May 1st. to Oct.15th. 

  • A winter storage fee of $250.00 will be charged for your trailer if left here over the winter months.

  • All campers must register with the office.

  • No camping refunds due to bad weather.

  • Any disturbance of the peace including loud parties or excessive audio volume is prohibited including noise generated by loud ATV’s.

  • The willful or careless destruction of an injury to resort property is prohibited.

  • Roadways are not to be blocked by vehicles or any other means for the purpose of socializing or celebrating.

  • The SPEED LIMIT within the grounds is 10 km. per hr. (Speeding may lead to Eviction)                                                                        

  • Storage sheds are permitted. The storage sheds are limited 8'x8' and are limited in height 7' 3". Wooden sheds are not allowed on the premises.

  • There will be no storage around or under your trailer unless it is skirted.

  • Pets are allowed on the campers site. Pets must be kept in your RV on a leash or in a cage.                  

  • Pets must be kept quiet & not left unattended.                                                                                            

  • Pets must not be allowed to dig holes.                                                                                                      

  • They POOP, YOU SCOOP, Otherwise a small fine of $100.00 will be added to your credit card or file. 

  • Only one RV. may be placed per rented space.

  • Garbage disposal is made by the tenant, into the dumpsters.

  • No trash or objects of any kind are to be left outside the dumpsters. NOTHING.

  • Batteries, Large household items, Construction material or other hazardous materials are not to be put     into or around any dumpsters.

  • FIREARMS:  BB. Guns,  Bow & Arrows and all weapons are Strictly Prohibited.

  • Campfires are permitted only within the boundaries of your stall and must be contained within the campfire pits provided. Extinguish all fires when leaving.

  • Quiet time is from 11pm. to 7am.  No visitors entering the park after 11pm.

  • All seasonal renters will be responsible for cutting their grass and whipper sniping their areas.  If we cut the grass a small fee of $25.00 may be added to your credit card or your file. (we will not be liable for any damages)

  • Management will continue to make every reasonable effort to provide a clean and safe environment for you. However we disclaim any responsibility for any loss resulting from fire , theft, accident or acts of God.

  • Fireworks are not allowed and are illegal in the summer village of South Baptiste.

  • No activities shall be permitted which would place management in violation of any Law.            

  • Management reserves the right to revise, eliminate, modify or add rules at any time. All such changes or additions will take precedence over the previously printed rules and regulations.

  • No running of power saws allowed on the property without explicit permission.

  • No construction of any kind to be done without approval of management.

  • Lots must be left “as is” without the removal of any modifications upon leaving the RV Park.

  • Please do not wash ATV’s or other vehicles on your lot.

  • Do not park Vehicles, Trailers or Boats on Lawns. There are specifically designated parking areas. Storage facilities are also available.

  • All ATV’s and Dirt Bikes etc. shall be driven only on Park roads when travelling to and from remote areas outside the Park. Driving ATV’s within the Park for leisure activities is prohibited.  Please respect posted speed limits.

  • Do not operate motorized vehicles on the grass.

“I had an amazing stay at South Baptiste Cabins, RV, Camping & Storage. The cabins were cozy and the lake views were breathtaking. Can't wait to come back!”
“The RV sites at South Baptiste Cabins, RV, Camping & Storage were spacious and well-maintained. We had a great time with our family and would definitely recommend it to others!”
“The camping spots at South Baptiste Cabins, RV, Camping & Storage were perfect for our weekend getaway. The facilities were clean and the staff were friendly. Would definitely come back again!”
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